Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pink N Black

Good Morning All!!  This morning I have a mani with 2 classic colors....black and pink!!
I used CG Liquid Leather for the base and a Sinful Colors Neon that I picked up yesterday...Fusion Neon.  I'm not real sure about how it stamped...you be the judge!  The image used was off Mash IP 48

The final product, some smearage, and I even waited for awhile before my top coat!!  :(  You really can't see the smearage in person, but with macro you see every little imperfection.  But all in all, it did okay...I will try stamping with this polish again and see if it is the polish, the IP, or the operator  !!   LOL

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Have a terrific Tuesday   :)


  1. I love pink and black together! Definitely try stamping with again!

  2. Pink and black is such a pretty combo!! ^.^

  3. Love it! At first glance I thought it was a splatter mani! (:


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