Friday, May 18, 2012

New Mash IP's, Pics and Swatches!!!

Good Morning All!!  I can finally post about the new Mash IP's that I received for review from the company  :)
It is a set of 25 plates with anywhere from 5 to 7 images on each plate. They ALL stamped perfectly!!  There are alot of individual images, which I personally like ! Excuse any fingerprints on the pics :(

I guess I should have warned you that this post was pic heavy!!!!  Now for some more.....I swatched every image on every plate....

Well, there they are!  I am impressed with the quality and the images....I can envision some awesome mani's coming from this set!!!
I had this polish on my nails and decided to do an image from IP 46, I used all Konad Special Polishes...

I had some smearage....I must learn patience  :(  But all in all I like the mani!
You can now purchase these plates from The site says $12.99, a great deal for the money  :) is a website dedicated to bringing you premium, salon quality nail art supplies. MASH was founded in 2009 by a team of nail art experts who were tired of seeing cheap, generic nail art supplies lacking both style and substance sold all throughout the internet. Boring products lead to boring nail art, and so the decision was made to make a premium line of nail art supplies and create a company run by nail artists for nail artists

All MASH employees trained nail art specialists who work in all areas of the business from productdevelopement to customer service. This means not only will MASH nail art products be the best on the market, all MASH customer service employees are nail art experts who can assist you in everything from buying choices and getting your order correct to tips on how to get the most out of your MASH nail art products.

I want to thank Dan from for giving me the opportunity to review these plates....Thanks Dan!!!

These plates were provided to me at no cost to review and give an honest opinion.......have a great day all!!!


  1. I love the plate with the happy faces! How cute!!

    I love the multicolored stamp you did, too! ^.^

    1. thanks! I love the happy faces too....they are smaller than all the others that I have and take up my entire nail!

  2. They look awesome! I love the chain link fence image LOVE that one. I can't wait to get these and try them--sooooo many endless possibilities!


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