Saturday, May 19, 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge...Torch Starts It's Journey

Good Afternoon All...this is the first day of the Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge....and it is starting out as a least for me  :(  This is the second mani that I did, not happy with either, but this is the best of the two.
I chose to use the colors of the, black,red,blue, and black.  I used IP BM202, the little flame.
I was trying to make each nail a torch on the tip...

Pic inside, light box...

Pic outside, very little sunlight...
Well, one down and many more to go....Have a wonderful saturday!!!


  1. Pretty colors. Nice ode to the Olympics.

  2. I like the hint of red at the tip, it's a really nice touch.

  3. I love this. Which is the red you used?

  4. Sorry it was so challenging! I love what you did! The ring finger is my favorite!

  5. I think it looks amazing! What gold did you use to stamp with? I have been looking for a good gold for soooo long! I've given up! :(


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