Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Black On Pink

Good Evening, it has been a long day:(   How was your day?   I had a failed mani today...that is what I get for hurrying this morning!
I did love the base coat, Orly Swizzle Stick, a pretty pink!  I know I said that I did not like pink....I changed my mind  :)   This is just right!

I used my Fab ur Nails Fun 2 plate for the image, which I like, but I think in black it was too over powering for the pink, maybe if I had used white????

This may have been a fail, but I did get some good news today from Mash-Nails !!!  I will be receiving their new stamping plates to review....my first official review, I am soooo excited!!  I will keep you posted  :)
Well, I am off to do my voting on the FB Bundle Monster Contest.  Here is my link if you would like to vote again....http://apps.facebook.com/winnailplates/contests/216667/voteable_entries/49676535.
Thanks for stopping in  :)


  1. Oh, congratulations on your first review! That is awesome!

  2. yay! that is awesome! i love the mani too! i prefer black with pink instead of white so i think it looks great! that polish looks jelly-ish i think i want it. :)

  3. Pretty combo of colors! I love your blog! I tagged you for the Liebster award:http://thenailpolishrehabcandidate.blogspot.com/2012/05/liebster-award.html

  4. That base coat is lovely! I actually like black and pink together, but I do agree, I think white would have been good too!

  5. I don't this its a fail at all. I really like it!

  6. I love the pink you used! This is beautiful! ^.^

  7. I wish my fails turned out like this!


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