Sunday, November 18, 2012

Matte Mani....challenge for AIS

Hello All!!!  Todays challenge in AIS was to do a mani using a matte finish in some aspect of the manicure.  I love matte mani's!!!
So I began with my base coat of CG Heart of Africa, I adore this!!!  The complete  Cast of Characters......

 Here is the base coat....  Isn't it gorgeous????

Now the finished product......

It is okay, not one of my favorite matte mani's.  Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Sunday!!!
Thank you for stopping in!!!                           Jackie


  1. Lovely!!! I loved today's challenge and plan on alot more matte stamping!

  2. Beautiful! So jealous, I recently tried to stamp with that Metallic Yellow by Kleancolor and no luck... It wouldn't stick to the rubber of the darn stamper. Boohoo! :(


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