Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Zebra and Born Pretty Review

Hello All!!!  First of  all I want to say welcome and thank you to all the new are sooo appreciated!!!    I was asked by Born Pretty Store to review a product for them.....I chose to review their stamping polish.....I was very impressed with it!!!  It was a nice consistency, not too thick and not too thin.  Application was great, and the opaqueness was fantastic...and the price is wonderful!!!  I will definitely be ordering some more of this along with the black.  Check it out  right here , this link will take you directly to the product.

Now for the mani that I did using this stamping polish from the  Born Pretty Store.......

Cast of Characters...

 Here is the base that I wore for work today, I couldn't decide what to stamp  :(....

 I added a coat of Nubar White Polka Dot but forgot to take a pic.....brain skip!!!

Here is the stamping polish that I used from  bornprettystore.... Cute bottle isn't it??!!!
Click here for information on ordering this product...and you should , it is well worth the money  :)

 Konad M57 was used as the image for my Christmas Zebra....

 I decided to add alittle "bling" with some LA Colors Art Deco polish in silver glitter....

Here is the final product.... Kinda pretty huh??!!!

 The  bornprettystore also sent me a gift of a pretty ring, it goes perfect with this mani.....a little more "Bling"!!!  It does fit on my finger where you would "normally" wear a ring...I just placed it here to make it easier for you to see it!!Here is a link for the ring if you are is soooo cute!!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Christmas Zebra!  If you decide to order any of this polish, you can use my coupon  code....If at least 10 people use this code then Born Pretty will sponsor a giveaway for us!!!


Have a very blessed day!!                        

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  1. what a fun twist on zebra making it christmas mani, love this!


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