Friday, November 9, 2012

Glitter and Glue

Hello All!!!!  What a great day here........I decided to try using the school glue underneath glitter polish.....since that time of year to be wearing alot of "bling" is coming up!!! I took pics from start to finish, so this post is pic heavy!!!
Okay, so we begin with a clear base coat, and then I used 2 light coats of Elmer's School Glue.....

 These are the polishes that I used for the complete mani..... the Color Club, Sugar Plum Yum...I have had this almost a year....sorry that I have not used it sooner....very pretty!!!  The Color Concept , is a brand that I found at Dollar good for the price!!!

 The  Color Concept.........

 Now with the Color Club, two coats........

 Then, you know me.....had to stamp it!!!  I used Cheeky CH48 for the image........

 And Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Ablaze for the stamping.......

 So, lets see how it is to remove the glitter polish........granted, I didn't have this on but a few hours.......
I lifted an edge of the polish, and it just pulled off easily!!!!

I will not wear any  glitter every again without using this method!!!
I hope you liked my little mini tutorial on this  :)  
Have a blessed day...........................................Jackie


  1. Pretty don' t know if we have elmars glue here but must try this someday. Maybe I'll wear glitter more often then :)

  2. I have YET to try this method! And this combo is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you guys, I was skeptical...but it DOES work!!!

  4. did the glue soften up, when you were doing regular things - like washing dishes, etc?

    1. Kim, honestly, I didn't leave it on long enough to find out...but other bloggers have posted that it stays on fine for days!!!!

    2. I work in food service and wash my had a gagillion times a day. I couldn't get mine to stay on longer then a few hours because of my constant hand washing. Everyone else loves this method and I still use it for swatches but not when I want to wear something at work. :-) Hope this helps.

    3. I'm sold the the white crafting glue myself, I made a post on my own blog. Of course I prefer shower instead of hot bath and I always wear rubber gloves for washing dishes. ;)

  5. This is such a beautiful combination!


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