Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"I" is for.....

Hello All, a late post....sorry...busy day  :)
Today's challenge in Llama Nails is to do a mani based on the letter "I".

I used SC Black on Black for the base and stamped with Milani  White on the Spot.  The image plate I used was one of the new Shaney Plates.   I had some problems with these, more on the quality control area, scratching on the plates, but the ones that are not scratched stamp well!!!  I used SH216 for this mani.

"I" is for IPhone!!!!  My daughter got a new iphone and passed her old one on to me :)

Thanks for stopping by, this was a fun mani to do....I will have to do more of this type!!  Have a blessed Thursday....................Jackie

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