Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Good Evening All....tonights challenge in Crumpet's Nail Tarts is to do a Zombie mani.
My mani is alitte "outside" the box again. The Princess and I were playing around with our pics on Picmonkey, if you don't know what that is....it is a free photo editing program.  You do not have to download it to your computer, just upload your pic, edit it and save to your computer.  Anyway, they have these really cool effects for halloween. We made some scary looking pics , and that is what I based my mani on.
Cast Of Characters...
I chose to do a sponge mani...it really made it look gross and scary with these colors!!!
Now for the final product, and then I will show you the inspirational pics.....if you are easily grossed out, don't look!!!


Aren't these the grossest pics you have ever seen????  We had sooooo much fun doing these.  Check out Picmonkey...it is awesome!   Have a blessed evening...............Jackie


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