Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adventures In Stamping Challenge....Metallics

Good Evening All.....sorry, I have been MIA...again....But I  have a good reason this time!!!!
I am going to be a "MeMa" again in about a month, and we had a shower for  "The Duchess and The Little Lady In Waiting".  I did a mani for the occasion....but that is for tomorrows post  :)
Today I have a mani for AIS.....Metallics.  I did not realize that I had soooo many metallic was hard to decide :(

The Cast Of Characters.....

 And my All Time Favorite Image.... I could use this swirl image all the time!!!

The base coat was the metallic....SC Precious Metal...

 I stamped with the Revlon Royal, but it couldn't be seen, if I am going to stamp, I want it to be SEEN!!!

Soooo, I stamped again , using the tried and true, but messy, Konad Black......

 And outside, not much sun  :(.......

 I am happy with it, hope you like it too!!!
Tomorrow along with the shower mani and post , I have a short video of  the "Princess"  singing Christina Aguilera's "Hurt".....I think she is awesome, but I am a proud MeMa!!!!
Have a blessed evening everyone!!!            Jackie


  1. I hate how messy stamping with dark colors can be! This is beautiful!

  2. Pretty mani, love the shimmer! Congratulations on the new addition to you life, Jackie! :) XO


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