Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adventures in Stamping Challenge....Halloween....Skulls

Hello All!!!  Todays challenge in AIS is, Halloween........I gave it the ole college try!!!
I definately will be glad when October is over...LOL
My Cast of Characters.....

 I did a base coat of SC Kissy , and then a sponge gradient using Kissy, Exotic Green , and Orly  Wild Wisteria.

 I used Julep Leighton and Bm 211 for the skull, and then added the hat using Bm209 and Konad Black.
I decided that I liked it matte better than shiney......

Thanks for coming by today, it is much appreciated  :)   Have a blessed afternoon!!!



  1. Wow I LOVE these! the colour choice is amazing but I love it even more when its matte!

  2. That's awesome! I could never have lined up the hats on the skulls so well. I love the colors you used as well. Gives it a nice Haloweeney feel without going overboard.


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