Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crumpets Nail Tarts Halloween Challenge...Black Cats

Hello All!!!  The challenge for tonight is from Crumpet's Nail Tarts.......Black Cats.
I decided to think "outside" the Halloween box for this one!!!  I had seen an article about black tigers and the wheels started turning!!!
Here is what one looks like

 I got the info from here. It is an interesting article, you should check it out!!!
Anyway.....The Cast of Characters....

I started with black and then used a matte coat, on the accent nail I used Stone Cold, which I forgot to put in the Cast of Characters :(  I also matted that.
Image from Mash 38 used in black , and on the accent nail I used black, white and silver.  In my readings I found that the male Black Tiger has these colors and the females are all black......why are the males always prettier in the animal world????

The finished product....

I liked it, I will wear this one again  I think!!!  Make sure that you check out the rest of the mani's in this challlenge...they are awesome  :)   Have a blessed evening!!      Jackie


  1. I have never even heard of a black tiger. This is such a great mani.

  2. wow that cat is a stunner - love your mani too x

  3. This is a great looking mani, I'm definitely inspired to try the matte/shiny combo. A little OT, I purchased that same plate recently and have been trying to get a good print of the spider for a Halloween mani. Not all legs will cooperate :( Have you tried it yet?


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