Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I tried...I really did :(

Good Morning All, well...I guess it is a good morning......I tried, I really did....but I just do not like Halloween....there, I said it.  I will probably make enemies by my admission, but I couldn't keep it in any longer.  Everyone around here loves this has never been one that I liked, I tried joining all the challenges, but am uninspired, and have not been posting....sooooo, I am gonna go ahead and do my own thing, and join in when I feel like I can offer something.  With that said....I have a pink abstract for you today!!!

Cast of Characters.....

 I began with a base coat of CG Designer Satin, and then did a gradient with the rest of the pinks and red....A coat of Northern Lights Gold was added prior to stamping with Mash-47 and Konad Black......

The Gradient.....pretty huh?!!

Now the final product.....

Hope you like it, and hope you are not disappointed that I have given up on the Halloween mani's  :(
Have a blessed day.....see ya soon,  and I thank you again for stopping by!!!         Jackie


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