Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Good Morning All!!  I hope that everyone's week is going well, so far mine as been quite eventful...especially at work, alot of changes going on!
This is a dual mani.  I am also in The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge and todays mani was to be your favorite lilac or peach.  I chose lilac since they are one of my favorite flowers.  I just love this shade of polish by Confetti....Belle Of The Ball.

Extremely easy application, nice and cremey.
But , of course with my "addiction" to stamping, I just had to do it!!
I used Cheeky IP 16, all the "strings".  I opted to use black and white for the stamping.

Thank you for stopping in, hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Love this mani!!! That lilac is amazing!! I just might have to go find it ;0).

  2. That stamp looks so cool! Great base colour, too :)

  3. i love that polish shade, and the stamping is amazing!!!

  4. I like that stamp! It makes me want to go get my knitting needles out! =)

  5. thank you all!! It does look like yarn doesn't it!!

  6. I love belle of the ball too it's so pretty, the stamping looks awesome!

  7. Love the stamping, the black & white look great over that lilac! And it's a beautiful lilac!


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