Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Questions???? GFC Ending ??? Giveaway or Contest???

Good Morning All!!!!  This is my cat, Macey,   I am sorry that I have no mani for you this morning  :(   We are now down one employee at work, due to the economy, and I was sooooo tired last night.  I do need some help with a couple of I understand it GFC is changing tomorrow, if you do not have a blog then you cannot follow anyone.  Is that correct???  If that is the case, I ask you to please follow me on one of the other options on the right hand side of my blog...I don't want to leave anyone behind!!!!

Also,I am thinking about my next giveaway, or contest...which would you rather have and what would you like asthe prizes??   I am thinking about a nail art contest with lots of nail art supplies as the prize...please give me some input, since you guys would be doing it!!!  LOL
Have a great "hump" day!!!!


  1. As I understand if U using blogspot GFC will be working the same.

  2. It only affects NON blogger blogs. You use blogger so it won't affect your blog at all.

  3. What they said.As long as your blog is on Blogger,you won't loose GFC.


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