Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adventures in Stamping, "3Colors"

Good Morning All!! Sorry that I have been missing for a couple of days :(   Been really busy with family, my father turns 90 today....we all took him out yesterday, but that is another post!!!
For the FB group I belong to, Adventures in Stamping , todays challenge is to do a mani using only 3 colors, and that includes the stamping!!!
I did my usual clear base coat and then 2 coats of WnW  Wild Shine in Bijou Blue.  IP was Cheeky 16.  I double stamped the image using black and white.

This is how it turned out......

Thanks for coming by today...enjoy your Sunday   :)


  1. Really pretty!! Happy birthday to your dad!

  2. Beautiful:) It looks painted instead of stamped!

  3. Looks good! You know what that stamp reminds me of? Coffee rings. I'm totally weird, but you know what kind of mani I think would look good with that stamp? Newsprint nails with one or two of them stamped with those rings in a brown color. *goes to write that down* You have inspired me. xD

    1. that is a really neat idea, I will be looking for it!!

  4. jackie! i love it! it reminds me of the starry starry night painting by van gogh!!!

  5. I really love this mani~it's very peaceful and calm. Gorgeous colors and stamp design. =)

  6. thank you all for the kind comments!!

  7. This is awesome! I love how the stamping works together!

  8. Really pretty! I love the pattern and the blue. :)


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