Thursday, February 21, 2013

Which Way Wednesday....On Thursday!!

Hello All....I know it is not Wednesday....I intended to post this yesterday but my father became very ill and we had a horrible snow storm in this area!!!!  So this is Which Way Wednesday on Thursday.....

Cast of Characters...

 Sinful Colors "Beau Khaki" was used as the base and this beautiful Pure Ice "Sheer Luck" was placed over it.   The stamping was done with Konad m57.

Okay, the base.....

 This shade sooo reminds me of Essie "Sew Psyched"   !!!!

  Then I placed a coat of Pure Ice " Sheer Luck"....I did have to pick out some of the colorful "bling" and place it where I wanted.....still love it    :)

 And for the stamping, one of my favorites again....Konad m57....the zebra......I used Konad special black polish.....

 Sorry for all the pics....I couldn't pick just one!!!!
Soooo, Which Way do you like it ????

Thanks for stopping by ....blessings to all!!!!!                                          Jackie


  1. I love all three ways! Do you think the Sinful Colors is a dupe for Sew Psyched?? I have been wanting that Sinful color! But I will pass on it if its close to the Essie because I have it.

  2. I like all three, but I think the second is my fave. I am always so indecisive though.

  3. I like #2 AND #3. Now I will have to add sheer luck and beau khaki to my wish list!


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