Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sinful Which Way Wednesday

Hello All....hope everyone has been well!! Tonight I have a "Sinful"  Which Way Wednesday.....and I love this mani!!!

Cast Of Characters.....

 I got a couple of the new Sinful  SHINE colors.....and I love the formula,goes on very smooth and dries very shiny!!!  I used the Dark Room to stamp with and it did excellent.  And I just cannot get over how beautiful the Watch It Shine is over the gotta try them if you haven't already!!!

 I chose the Pueen15 IP for the stamping, and as I said above, the Sinful SHINE stamps soooo good!!!

Here is the base coat of the Alfresco...

 I can remember when I wouldn't have dared to wear a shade like this......stamping totally changes things!!!

Now for the addition of Watch It Shine...................... gorgeous isn't it????

And now for the stamping with the Pueen15 IP  and Dark Room.....

 Sorry for all the pics....I  couldn't decide!!!

Soooo, Which Way do you like it???

Thanks for stopping by....have a blessed night!!!                   


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