Tuesday, April 2, 2013

World Autism Day

Hello All, in case you didn't know, today is World Autism Day!   I had the pleasure of spending some time with my great niece on sunday....she is autistic....and she is such a SWEETHEART!!   So , this mani is dedicated to Lilly   :)

Cast of Characters....

I did 2 coats of Sinful Colorrs Sugar Rush, such a pretty blue!!

 I thought it needed "something", so out comes the glitter!!!  Today I chose to use China Glaze "Water You Waiting For"......gorgeous!!!

 And lastly , the stamping......IP Gals GA28 was used.....the one that looks like a hibiscus....well, at least it does to me  :)  Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" was used as the stamping polish.....

I think it turned out pretty, please ignore the angry cuticles....I have not been kind to them lately  :(
Here is some info on a site about Autism, you should check it out  :)
I hope everyone is having a good week.  I started the "Shred" diet....on my 3rd week now and have lost 6 lbs!!!!  Thanks to everyone for stopping by!!!                                           Blessings, Jackie


  1. So pretty!! What is the Shred diet??

    1. Thanks!! The Shred is a 6 week cycle of eating, it tells you exactly what and how much to eat. You have 4 small meals and 3 snacks daily....it is working for me!

  2. Love it! Great choice of colors and design.


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