Sunday, March 10, 2013

AIS...Mani Using A Plate Ending In 6

Hello All.....I didn't realize that it had been an entire week since I posted.......:(
Soooo much going on, but on a good know my computer died and I have been using my daughters old "dinosaur"....which takes forever to load anything???!!!   Well, my nephew brought me a new computer this weekend!!!  I am sooo blessed to have such wonderful family  !!!  So, hopefully I can get back into blogging....Yeah!!!
Today in AIS, the challenge was to do a mani using an IP ending in 6...........
Cast Of Characters.....

I used the NYC "High Line Green" as my base coat....

I wanted a little sparkle,so I added a coat of Dare to Wear  "Fashion Fever"....

 There was no top coat in these pics.....
 Then finally, I stamped with SC "Snow Me White" and IP Gals GA26.....

 The "Princess" said that it looked like crackle!!!

Thanks for stopping by tonight.....have a blessed week!!!                            Jackie


  1. I love that glitter! Where do you buy that brand at?? Pretty mani!

    1. Thanks!!! I actually got that polish when I was in Chicago over the summmer....I don't know where else you could get it....maybe amazon???

  2. I really like this combo, so pretty!

  3. These turned out cute! Fashion Fever is really pretty!


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