Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black and Silver

I couldn't decide what to do today, so I went with one of my favorite IP, M63.  Please ignore the cuticles...they are very angry with me right now :(.  I used a base coat, then 2 coats of Wet n Wild Craze shade Noctournal.  It looks black, but it is really a very deep blue. China Glaze Platinum Silver was used for stamping with IP  M63. Then I topped it off with Sech Vite.  A word of warning, unless you are perfect at painting, you will get it on your cuticles! Dark shades  are the worst , so I got out my trusty corrector pen. Mine just happens to be from Konad, but you can get them most any where.  Thank you for stopping in, and please don't forget to leave any suggestions or comments!!


  1. I just splurged and bought this exact plate m63 from Konad (my first Konad plate)....not a I bought it for this pattern! minds think alike...Yours turned out so pretty...I used a frosty pink base and stamped with black...It reminded me of Zebra stripes or a water marble...Next time I'm gonna try a darker base and a gold stamping...cant wait!♥


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